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We LOVE Learning Ladder! Our son is learning Spanish and sign language, there are always fun themed days planned with arts and crafts, special guest visitors from time to time, and the teachers just adore all the children. Our only regret is not starting sooner!

~ Amanda Hauck

All 3 of my kids have been at The Learning Ladder and they’ve done an amazing job teaching and caring for my kids. I couldn’t recommend The Learning Ladder more!

~ Melissa Mauro-Small

My daughter has been going to the Learning Ladder for almost two years now. They are just awesome! My daughter has learned so much from being more independent, and consistently having social interactions between other kids and the teachers! She comes home singing songs and telling me things that she learned that day, For that I’m so thankful! I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you learning ladder We love you and appreciate you.

~ Jenna Sheehan

My son has such a blast at the Learning Ladder! I have seen him open up and be way more social since we started in the Fall, he has made great friends and the teachers are so supportive! He loves crafts and is always so excited to bring home his projects from each day. They have fun activities and visitors and I just love listening to him telling us all about them and how much fun he had.

~ Jen Brady

My son loves his friends and teachers at the Learning Ladder Preschool! He’s so excited to tell us about his day!

~ Maria Ginty Palardy

I am beyond happy with Learning Ladder Preschool. My 5-year-old daughter has learned to write her first and last name, can identify and write all of her numbers and letters, and so much more. I wish I could take credit for teaching her all of these skills, but I can’t, I owe most of it to the caring teachers at Learning Ladder. In addition, my daughter is always asking if it’s a school day and always comes home happy and excited about her day which is a great feeling for working parent.

~ Courtney Regan